Aramis Ayala is a results- driven humanitarian, fighter for justice, cancer survivor, and former Florida State Attorney who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice. Growing up in Saginaw, Michigan, Aramis saw the inequality that forced working-class families to struggle just to make ends meet. Her father, a Vietnam veteran and UAW factory worker, and late mother stressed the importance of hard work, faith, and service to others from a young age. Aramis served as a public defender and Assistant State Attorney for nearly 15 years before courageously shattering glass ceilings when she was elected Florida’s first Black State Attorney. She has gone on to implement many of the boldest justice reforms in Florida’s history. While many people remember Aramis for her refusal to pursue the death penalty, her accomplishments for justice reform are much more expansive. Aramis Ayala’s track record demonstrates that her work does not merely uphold the ideals of law and justice. She repeatedly proves that justice reform produces tangible gains for community welfare and public safety.