Lord, in the morning you shall hear my voice ascending high;
to you I will direct my prayer, to you lift up my eye.
O may your spirit guide our feet to go in righteous ways!
God, make our path of duty straight and plain before our face.

O heavenly Father, your children again are seeking your face, your hand, your guidance, your forgiveness, and your protection. We need your favor to face this day and help us to conquer the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Please Lord, go before us and make the rough, crooked places straight – assure your people that you are always with us everywhere we go, even through the valley of the shadow of death. Again, we are vehemently asking for unfettered truth, righteous judgments, kind mercy, and good health as we carry out your will here on earth. We lift up to you our National, State, Local leadership and all those attached to them, and ask that you would crown their heads with the godly wisdom needed to help protect your people from those who would try to harm or misuse them.

We pray a special prayer to you O God for those that have given up and lost hope, thinking they are all alone or their problems are too hard to fix. We forthrightly declare with confidence today, that there is no problem too hard for you. Intercede in the life of those contemplating suicide, those who put their lives in jeopardy because they do not treasure the life you have given, and those still suffering the aftermath of 9/11. Regulate the minds of those suffering from the stresses of current world events. Let our children know that they can hope for a brighter future, no matter how bleak it appears on the surface. They can bring light, peace, sound knowledge, and inclusiveness in the world if they would put their trust in you.  Remind them of this Lord by your compassion and let them know that just as you care for birds in the air, your eyes are watching us.

Lord, there are so many feeling helpless lying on hospital beds, some sick or having loved ones who are sick, even today. Many are trapped in the after-effects of hurricane damage, facing the loss of their homes. Some of our children who are too young for the vaccine are returning to schools (protect them).  Lord, we know you can make a way out of no way and give hope to your children. Help them all and help us to be patient and follow instructions that will keep us and our families safe.

You, O Lord are the Lifter of our heads and we are your servants here on earth, so show us our assignments in reaching out to the helpless.  You said in your word that “Blessed are they who consider the helpless,” so help us to learn our assignments, and embrace them with passion so that our living would not be in vain. Thank you, Lord.

This is your servant’s prayer, in the name of Jesus we pray.

Rev. Dr. Caroline Shine is the Religious Affairs Committee Chair for the West Volusia Chapter of the NAACP. She is currently a pastor at Greater Faith AME Church in Deltona.