Submit Community Events

We welcome the submission of community events to keep our community engaged with activities. We understand the importance of promoting events in our community as we have events throughout the year. We do have a branch policy in regards to promoting outside events and it is our hope that you honor this policy.
Community Event Submission Policy
1. We are volunteers, so submission of your event may not be posted to our online mediums in a timely manner.
2. We do not post outside events on our website but, we do post it on our Community Calendar that is shared with other websites.
3. We do not check for spelling, edit, or create content to describe your event. If you would like to submit content to describe your event, then you may include a brief description of your event with the contact information in the body of the email. It will be posted “AS IS”
4. We do not create or edit fliers. You are responsible for creating your promotional materials.
5. Your organization promote our events as well.
6. We do not convert files for example, convert WORD documents to PDF. If you would like to promote your event through all of our online mediums, then you must submit an IMAGE file (.png or .JPG file) of your promotional material.
If you would like to learn how to convert a document to an image, then here is a video on how to do that. Save a Doc as an Image or you may search on your web browser “How to convert a PDF document to an image”.

Submit your IMAGE or a brief description of your event with contact information to this form.