Informed Member Voter Input

Dear West Volusia NAACP Member,
We will host our Meet The Candidate Forum on Sat. Sept. 26th at 10am to 12pm. This event will be streamed live on Youtube and Facebook social media platforms. As a member of our branch, we request that you provide input to our Political Action Committee while they are organizing the event to insure that before you vote, we will help you to make an informed decision by assessing the needs of the community. On this page below, you will see the names of the candidates for the 2020 General Elections in West Volusia. Please fill out this form [FORM] so we can make sure we have received your input for this event.

2020 General Election West Volusia Candidates & Races

Volusia County Council Office: County Chair
Jeff Brower
Deborah Denys

West Volusia Hospital Authority Group A Seat3
Judith Craig
Dr. John M. Hill

West Volusia Hospital Authority – Group B, Seat 1
Jennifer Coen
Michael Ray

State House of Representatives District 26
Patrick Henry
Elizabeth Fetterhoff

State House of Representatives District 27
Barnaby, Webster
Guzman, Dolores

Debary City Council
Darius Kelley
Jim Pappalrdo
William Sell
Stephen Bacon

Deltona City Commission
Dana McCool
Ruben Munoz
Julio David Sosa
Jodylee Storozuk

State Attorney District 7
Dempsey, Don
Larizza, R. J.

District 7
Dan Hilbert
Joan Anthony

US. Congressional District 6
Michael Waltz
Clint Curtis

Soil & Water Conservation District Seat 2
John Nelson
Wesley Wayne Wilson

Soil & Water Conservation District Seat 4
Wendy Anderson
Barbara Deering

Orange City Mayor
Rob Bridger
Bill Partington

Lake Helen Commission
Roger Eckert
Roxann Goodman
James Connell
Elizabeth O’Laughlin